Whether visiting the Capitol in person or teaching in the classroom, a range of activities, resources and learning opportunities are available for teachers and their students.

Teacher Advisory Group - Call for Volunteers

Would you like to help the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center shape educational programs and resources? Learn More

Student Programs

Create an unforgettable visit for your students by choosing one of two Inquiry-based programs - Art Appreciators: The Art and Architecture of the U.S. Capitol and Environment Matters: How Does a Bill Become a Law? Learn More

Lesson Plans

Use teacher-tested resources to enhance your lessons in the classroom. Learn More

Professional Enrichment

Take the time to deepen your understanding of the history of the Congress and the Capitol and hone your teaching skills. Learn More

Student Orientation Video

Watch this short student orientation video before you visit the U.S. Capitol. Click Here to View

Resources and Activities

Use a variety of materials to enhance your students' understanding of the Congress and the Captol. Learn More



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