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National History Day Sources from the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center

The Capitol Visitor Center (CVC) is proud to be a part of National History Day (NHD). This annual competition encourages participating students to engage in original historical research in primary sources and to present their findings in a series of contests.

This page is a starting point for primary sources for the 2020 NHD theme, “Breaking Barriers in History.” The CVC has hundreds of online primary sources that are an excellent research asset for National History Day participants.

The U.S. Capitol, the home of Congress, has been the site of many exciting barrier-breaking moments in history. This is where Congress supported explorations across the continent, across the world, and into space. Here Americans have fought for civil rights and reforms. Congress has played a vital role in breaking economic, political, social, and scientific barriers.

When you find a topic of interest, you can use the "Search" feature to find more or find other resources from our partners at the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives!

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