In order to allow for the installation of scaffolding and floor, statuary, and artwork protection in conjunction with the Dome Restoration Project, the Rotunda of the Capitol will be closed from Monday, July 27 through Monday, September 7. While the Rotunda is unavailable for tours, an alternate tour route will be provided. The Capitol Visitor Center is open during the closure of the Rotunda and will offer special activities which do not require advance reservations. You can also download our new U.S. Capitol Rotunda app.

Continuity and Change

The House of Representatives today differs considerably from its 18th-century predecessors. More members crowd into a larger chamber for more days in session, voting electronically. They work assisted by an army of staff, filling three large office buildings. Partisanship, which has replaced regional factionalism, has varied in intensity over time. And yet the House, which remains the body closest to the people, is the great success story of the government invented by the Founders. Elections held every two years for all its members encourage representatives to pay close attention to the voters. Of all the institutions created by the Constitution, the House stays true to its origins. “Here, sir, the people govern,” Alexander Hamilton accurately predicted of the House. “Here they act by their immediate representatives.”


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