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Members of the U.S. Delegation to the United Nations San Francisco Conference, photograph, April 25, 1945

Congressional delegates to the United Nations organizing conference, pictured here at the U.S. Delegation Office at the Fairmont Hotel, included Representatives Sol Bloom of New York and Charles A. Eaton of New Jersey (seated second and sixth from the left) and Senators Tom Connally of Texas and Arthur H. Vandenberg of Michigan (seated third and fifth from the left).

United Nations

Members of the U.S. Delegation to the United Nations San Francisco Conference

The United Nations Charter

As World War II reached its climax, representatives from 50 nations met in San Francisco, California, from April to June 1945 to discuss the coming postwar world. The eight-person U.S. delegation to the conference, appointed by President Harry S. Truman, included a bipartisan group of two senators and two representatives from Congress. These delegates played key roles in shaping the United Nations Charter, both before and during the conference, and subsequently guided it to overwhelming approval in the Senate.

I regard the United Nations Charter as the most important document ever struck off by the hands of men.

Senator John H. Bankhead of Alabama, Telegram to Senator Tom Connally of Texas, July 16, 1945