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Seen on Screen: The Special Relationship

Meet at the entrance to Exhibition Hall

Fridays – 1:30 p.m.
The close ties between the United States and Great Britain defined World War II. Through archival film, explore those ties as they were seen by citizens, soldiers, and statesmen. Presented in conjunction with “Congress and the World Wars” on display in Exhibition Hall. 30 minutes.

  • “Why We Fight: The Battle of Britain”
    Friday, June 2
    This motion picture focuses on the British defense against German aerial warfare August-December, 1940.

  • “A Welcome to Britain”
    Friday, June 9
    This 1943 film educated American servicemen and women, stationed in Britain, about what to expect and how to behave.

  • “Know Your Ally: Britain”
    Friday June 16
    Created in 1943, this film taught the American public about the United States’ critical wartime partnership with Great Britain.

  • “Winston Churchill’s Address to a Joint Session of Congress”
    Friday, June 30
    Mary Jo Binker, editor of the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project, discusses this historical address, delivered December 26, 1941. Presented in partnership with the United States Capitol Historical Society.

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